Master Scholarships In China

Are You Looking For Master (Postgraduate) Scholarship for Pakistani Student In China?

Are you In search of master scholarships in china? If yes than read the article carefully. We give you each every information about how to get MS Scholarship in china. Most of universities in china offer a hundreds of master programs every year which includes business, administration, architecture, arts construction and many other engineering programs.

There are a lot of opportunities for Pakistani students to study master in china on scholarships. Chinese universities offer a huge number of ms scholarships in china for Pakistani students. It is a great chance for Pakistani students to get tuition free study in masters on scholarships. Pakistan is an average country; many of the people are waiting for opportunities like these. So this is a golden chance for all of the students who want scholarship for masters in china.

There are two types of universities which offer masters programs in china for international students. Some of universities are teaching their students in Chinese language while a few universities are teaching their students in English language. Chinese government wants to spread Chinese language all over the world therefore they are giving many offers for the international students.

Types Of Master Scholarships In China

Partial funded Scholarships (Postgraduate):

In partial scholarship either tuition or hostel fee is free, university may or may not give monthly stipend.

Fully funded University Scholarships (Postgraduate):

In Fully funded scholarship both tuition and hostel fee is free and university also gives monthly stipend. Stipend depends on university mostly it is from 500 RMB to 2500 RMB per month.

Chinese Government Scholarships CSC/CGS (Postgraduate):

In Chinese Government Scholarships CSC/CGS scholarship both tuition and hostel fee is free and university also gives monthly stipend. Stipend is mostly from 2500 RMB to 3000 RMB per month. CSC Scholarships are the Highest Scholarships in China one could dream of.

Scope Of Master Scholarships In China?

China is one of the most powerful countries in the world in the field of economics and technology and that is why there is lot of master scholarships in china for international students. The scholarship support master students throughout the degree depend on university. Students which are granted china master scholarships must have to learn Chinese language preparatory course teach by university after getting admission. The duration of course is 6months and all of the major expenses are covered in scholarship. Due to rapid increase in economy, it’s a great opportunity for students to get handsome jobs in China after the degree completion. China is also offering different scholarships in Doctoral level in wide field. So if you want to study further then you can also peruse higher education after Masters.

How Can We Help?

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Eligibility Criteria And Required Documents:

1)Should have minimum 60% marks in matriculation and intermediate.

2)Should have minimum 3.0 CGPA in Bachelors.

3)Should provide Metric and Intermediate result cards.

4)Should provide Bachelors degree and detailed mark sheet.

5)Should provide English Proficiency Certificate (You can get this from your university)

6)Copy of front page of your Passport.

7)Passport size Photographs.

8)Recommendation Letters from university lecturers or any Assistant Professor.

9)Should provide CV.

10)Should provide Police Character Certificate.

11)Provide Physical Examination Letter from any MBBS doctor.

12)Should provide Statement of Purpose (SOP).


Once these documents are prepared then send scanned copies of these documents with registration fees. Registration fee is compulsory to reserve scholarship seat. Candidate who completes his/her documents including registration fees will granted the scholarship first and the same hierarchy goes for the remaining students who applied for scholarship.


Tianjin PolyTechnic University

Location Tianjin-Xiqing-China
(City / Province / Country)

Language English
(Medium of instruction)

Session/Intake March/September 2018

Master Scholarships In China

Completely Free tuition fee of 2.5 years, Students Just have to pay hostel fee of 6000 RMB/year Around (96,000 PKRS)directly to the University

Jiangsu University of Science and Technology

Location Zhenjiang-Jiangsu-China
(City / Province / Country)

Language English
(Medium of instruction)

Session/Intake September 2018

Master Scholarships In China

Completely Free tuition and hostel fee of 2 years," Along With the Tuition And Hostel fee Monthly Stipend of 900 RMB (Around 14,400 PKRS ) is Also Provided to the Students by the University

Taiyuan University of Technology

Location Taiyuan-Shanxi-China
(City / Province / Country)

Language English
(Medium of instruction)

Session/Intake September 2018

Master Scholarships In China

"Completely Free tuition and hostel fee of 2.5 years," Along With the Tuition And Hostel fee Monthly Stipend of 1600 RMB (Around 25,500 PKRS ) is Also Provided"



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